Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chewing on the Bread of Life

I recently accepted a contract to write content for a popular devotional guide. The publisher chooses the scripture references, I come up with commentary.


Suddenly, the idea of commenting on the Bible seemed rather presumptuous. Who am I to offer my opinion or interpretation of what God says?

Lord, I prayed one morning from my quiet-time spot on the sofa, I would never presume to add to your word. Help me!

In the calm of that moment, a clear message came to mind:

Rightly divide the word of truth.

Just as suddenly as doubt had come, so came an image of Jesus dividing barley loaves and fish and dispersing the pieces to a hungry crowd.

I can do that, Lord. I can disperse. Thank you for letting me.

The disciples of Jesus didn’t multiply the foodHe did. They simply passed it out.

 We can too.

Is there someone within your life’s reach who doesn’t know God loves him? Take what you have, and break it into bite-size pieces. Divide God’s love letter, and share it with a hungry, aching soul.

Pass the basket, please.

Matthew 14:13-21