Saturday, March 2, 2013

What's Your POV?

POV—point of view—is critical to a writer. As he creates his story, he must decide from whose point of view a scene will be described. Whose head will the reader be in during a chase, an argument, a conversation, or a tender moment?

It’s all about perspective. Remember high school debate class when we had to argue on the side we didn’t agree with? We were forced to consider someone else’s perspective.

Objects take on different colors and contours when viewed from different angles. So do situations, lives.

Because we are finite, personally motivated creatures, we don’t often see the big picture, or around the next bend, or the other guy’s viewpoint. And sometimes we think no one sees ours.

But God does. He sees the sparrow, the lily, and the panting deer. He sees the blind man begging and the woman weeping.

Take a trek through the gospels and count how many times Jesus looks at someone. Really looks. Sees them. Can you feel His warm Creator-God eyes on you?

An old song says, “His eye is on the sparrow – and I know He watches me.” The hymn is based on what Jesus told the people about that tiny, dull, unnoticed bird. Not one falls to the ground without God seeing.

We are more valuable than sparrows, Jesus said.  

Whose eyes are we looking through?

God sees us and loves us. Maybe if we sought His perspective, we’d understand this better. Maybe we need a little less of our own POV and more of His.

 Civilla D. Martin and Charles H. Gabriel, 1905


  1. What a thought-inspiring post, Davalynn. :-)

  2. Nicely said and a good reminder. Especially for writers. Important to remember that two characters will see even the same object differently.

  3. That was spot on for me, Dave. It seems lately (since October 2009) my life is just getting harder and harder. I'm afraid to open a door because I'm pretty sure what awaits me is an open window, 20 stories up.And that saying that God never gives you burden He know you can't carry? He has totally overestimated me. It is too heavy. Too much. Too hard. He must have had some other Katie in mind...someone who is smart and witty, who can keep to a schedule and enjoys the life before her. When I look at the life before me, it isn't all that dandy. I know I have so much more than so many (read the Miss Angel post on yarnagogo) but the little things that do make me happy are pointed out with scorn. I guess I'm going to have to keep my days busier and my eyes looking out for that bright eye-eyed sparrows. Maybe my mistake has been look down on the ground instead of up into the Heavens, where all the good stuff is.
    Katie Leary Wenthur

    1. Katie - I've noticed that when I walk at the river I often look down at the trail instead of up and around at the beautiful sights. You're right. Looking down is such a habit, when all along He is there waiting to show us His wonders! And how often are those wonders "the little things that do make me happy"? Too bad someone has scorned them, for the little things delight our hearts! Don't let go of His hand. He's right there with you.