Saturday, October 20, 2012

What better place to be?

Last week, a particularly harrowing week, my friend Jill wrote to tell me the following:

Please know you've been prayed for...and will be lifted up into His glorious, tender, loving hands...
Hands that brought healing—of every kind.
Hands that lifted up—helped, supported, built.
Hands that were eager to touch—
   anyone untouchable.
Hands that pulled children into His lap.
Hands that slapped His knee when He laughed.
Hands that lifted up bread of provision—
   and distributed nourishment to thousands.
Hands that formed knots in a whip—
   that lashed out at true injustice, 
   that cleansed what represented His Father. 
Hands that broke bread, that washed the feet of those closest to Him—
   and the one who betrayed Him. 
Hands that were pierced.
Hands that are forever scarred, that are always lifted in praise to God.
Gentle, kind, loving, firm, provisional, covenant-making and keeping, glorious hands.

Today I share this prayer with you, in whatever may be your struggle.

"Hands" used by permission

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