Saturday, October 6, 2012

What would you climb to reach your goals?

The biblical account of Zacchaeus is a great story. It’s packed with motivation, goals, and obstacles—all the ingredients for a great novel or a difficult life.

Zack is a tax collector who is long on money and short on stature. He wants to see the new teacher everyone is talking about, someone called Jesus. But since the crowds are so thick, he can’t.

The man’s reputation towers over him. No one is willing to let him cut to the front.

Zach must take action to overcome the obstacles and achieve his goal. When he does, a surprising twist adds another layer to the story and a new complication to his life.

His move is bold. Embarrassing. What self-respecting adult climbs a tree like a child?

Zack does. Because that’s how badly he wants to see Jesus.

Jesus also has motivation and a goal—to seek and save the lost.

When Jesus sees the desperate little man, he immediately recognizes a lost one. He takes action:

“Zack! Come on down. Dinner’s at your place tonight.”

Jesus calls Zack by name, gives him direction, fills him with new purpose—and saves him.

How do we know?

By the change in Zack’s modus operandi.

The money-grubber repays those he cheated and gives great sums to the poor—actions that are polar opposites of his earlier deeds.

Who changes like that?

Someone who climbs up for a different perspective.

Have your goals changed since you met the One who looks up into trees?

Luke 19:1-10